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Here is a list of ipad 2 cases are available now with five star customer review, Please select according to individual taste OK.

Bear Motion (TM) 100% Genuine Leather Case for iPad 2 2nd Generation Folio with 3-in-1 built-in Stand for Apple iPad 2 (Latest Generation) Tablet (Black)
iPad 2 Cases Available NowThis is a great case. I'm getting really picky with my gadgets and their cases these days.
Here's what would make it 5 stars:
1. Utlize the auto switch by embedding a 3rd magnet in the cover.
(I did this myself with a combine magnets from the confined craft put in storage. 5 bucks and 10 minutes soon: Slim magnets placed in top "business card" sized short. Auto on/off enabled. *Careful: Magnet too weak and it won't register. Too strong and you'll switch inedible whilst folding cover all the way release.)
2. Get magnets to keep opened cover folded contrary to itself. This is the highest goal why I returned apple smart cover: It constantly was flapping on whilst opened.
3. Leather edges with the aim of last ipad in place around the screen ought to be narrower. Fingers are on occasion inhibited by the side of perimeter.
4. Case may well be bring to an end better to grant easier access to volume buttons and mute/rotate switch.
5. Angle of the "laptop" perception is too steep. Front cover needs to be adjusted with a diverse even fold.
Overall, smooth look, defensive and functional design. With changes beyond, subsequently edition of this may well maintain me as a customer by the side of this cost. More Review and Buy this Case Klik ...HERE...

Toblino 2: Leather iPad 2 Case (Folio Convertable Case Multi-angle Stand for the Apple iPad2)
iPad 2 Cases Available NowWe researched as many cases/covers as we could find for our ipad2, and finally decided on this one because of the stand function. It's terrific to be able to piling it up and drama games, read, watch tv, Not the unsurpassed way to type but we don't type on it much. It looks much nicer than predictable - looks very superior quality. It's a strict fit, but not so strict with the purpose of you can't pop the 2 clips sour the margin in order to piling it up on the be on your feet. We love it & highly suggest this set of circumstances. More Review and Buy this Case Klik ...HERE...

Pyrus Electronics (TM) Genuine Leather Case for iPad 2 (latest generation) (Black) - New Version from the manufacturer
iPad 2 Cases Available NowI solely bought my iPad 2 and since I didn't like the Apple magnetic justification (lack of back protection), I looked on Amazon pro a skilled leather justification with back protection. A hardly any of them stood made known, but I resolute to approve of this lone since it is made of Top Grain leather which is slimmer than Full grain leather.
- I expected the justification surrounded by 4 affair days with ordering.
- It fits the ipad 2 impeccably and the build quality is exceptional.
- It has a built in Magnet to curve on/off the ipad as you commence and close the front cover (just like the Apple magnetic case).
- It can call the iPad in 3 positions (Almost vertical - say 75 degrees, Almost horizontal - say 15 degrees, and completely horizontal) The continue spot is valuable since I believe approximately suitcases be inflicted with flaps which sort out not fold all the way back so you can call the iPad like a tome pro conception and that..

One downside though. It has a strong smell (maybe the leather glue used during manufacturing).. but I am hoping it'll disappear after a few days! If you are looking for a full protection leather case which is not very bulky.. this is perfect! More Review and Buy this Case Klik ...HERE...

Speck Products PixelSkin HD Rubberized Wrap Case for iPad 2 (SPK-A0324)
iPad 2 Cases Available NowI solely bought this justification from a inhabitant retailer. It is a really kind justification and facility well. Few things:
A. It does not be inflicted with magnets, it uses suction to keep the top clogged. Therefore the iPad wake up figure does not bring about with the justification like in a smart cover.
B. When permanent up, it facility but it is a little top gray, so you might be inflicted with to aid a 2nd furnish to stabilize it if you are using the iPad.
C. The justification is pretty gray. It makes it noticeably heavier (adds 9 oz!). The cover makes up generally of this. I'm guaranteed part of it is pro protection of the screen as clogged, but I don't think the cover needs to be with the intention of gray. Overall the justification seems very shielding.

I feel like I may possibly take rancid a further star since of the consequence but otherwise it is really skilled so I'll leave it by 4. More Review and Buy this Case Klik ...HERE...