Samsung Epic 4G Comes with Froyo

Hot News From spy camera shop 2011 - Next month, 3 types of phones Samsung Galaxy will also enliven the smartphone market in the country. They are the Galaxy Samsung Ace, Samsung Galaxy Fit, and Samsung Galaxy S II. But, there is one type of Samsung Galaxy that are still pending. Epic is the Samsung 4G, or also known as the Samsung Galaxy S Pro. After a delayed several times, finally it appears CDMA-based smartphone with Android operating system V.2.2 (Froyo).

Samsung Epic 4G Comes with Froyo
For Sprint, CDMA operators from the U.S. who first pet Epic 4G, this news may be disappointing. For class smartphone Epic 4G, which incidentally is the most advanced smartphone while Sprint is expected to appear with Android OS 2.3 (Gingerbread).

However, Froyo not carelessly operating system. He continued to receive the latest updates from Google. Today, Android OS v2.2 has been supports Flash and the ability to be a portable Wi-Fi hotspot for your laptop, other phones, and devices equipped with Wi-Fi access.

The presence of Epic 4G is too late. A number of other smartphone that also supports Froyo 4G technology has been used for months.

Samsung seems a little bit late in terms of Android phones add to his collection. There is speculation that appears to say that South Korean manufacturers were deliberately delaying its new product in hopes that consumers hunt and the price is relatively more expensive.

In addition to Epic Samsung 4G, Samsung also still postpone two other bundling phone, the Samsung Captivate with AT & T and Fascinate with Verizon. Both are still waiting for adoption Froyo improvement. As known, most Android phones in circulation today is version 2.2. So, Samsung is clearly lagging.

For the Indonesian market, Samsung has not released official information related to the availability of the Samsung 4G Froyo Epic. However, just a note, the following features and specifications: